Chatterbox #274 – What it’s like to live in Spain

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Nice beaches, beautiful architecture, and warm weather: these are some of the things people most associate with Spain. But since cohost Anna lives in Spain, she can tell us a lot more about the country. Join Anna and Andrew as they talk about living in Spain in this Chatterbox episode.

Chatterbox is a series designed to present listeners with natural conversation between native English speakers. In this episode, they talk about Spanish climate and weather, food, and daily life.

Fun facts

Many people outside of Spain think that paella is the national dish. However, Spaniards see it differently. Locals see paella as a regional dish, from Valencia.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • To associate [something] with [something]
  • Climate
  • The last thing you want to do
  • To make [one’s] blood boil
  • Bob’s your uncle
  • To stand the test of time

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Music Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Step On by Jahzzar
Photo Credit: Jorge Fernández Salas and on Unsplash

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1 month ago

I am also a coffee person! I’ll definitely give the coffee, Cortado a try when I get a chance to visit markets in Madrid.

2 months ago

Hi Andrew and Anna. Thank you very much for this episode. It’s very interesting. It made me think back to my first trip abroad many years ago. It was Spain, Madrid. I was really impressed with this country. Later I’ve been to Spain and other countries many times, but my first trip is still the most unforgettable.

Andrew from Culips
Andrew from Culips
Reply to  galina
2 months ago

What an awesome place to visit for your first trip abroad! I’ve only been to Madrid once but I can’t wait to return again in the future. Thanks for listening to this episode.

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