Chatterbox #281 – Do you prefer reading paper or e-books?

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In this episode, Andrew and Anna debate the pros and cons of reading paper books and digital e-books. They also discuss their experiences with reading online and talk about the daily distractions that prevent them from reading properly.

Our Chatterbox series is the perfect way to learn English with our Culips hosts who discuss interesting and contemporary topics using everyday English. If you want to learn how to talk like a native speaker, then this is the podcast series for you!

Fun facts

The first e-book was published way back in 1971. Michael Stern Hart was a technologist who decided to transcribe the US Declaration of Independence onto his computer and make it available to other users on the network. However, the first physical e-book invented was the Rocketbook in 1997.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • Mindless
  • On the surface
  • To go by the wayside
  • To catch oneself
  • Clueless
  • Workaround

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Link to talk with Dr. Naomi Barron
Article we summarized in the episode

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1 month ago

Hi there! Thank you so much for releasing the new episode. I am really happy and grateful for having Anna as a cohost. There are tons of different accents. Thank you again for giving me a great opportunity to expose myself to more variety accents and a natural speed when English speakers have conversations.

1 month ago


I am from the province of Quebec, Canada and I have a lot of trouble understanding Anna, when she speaks even the slightest bit fast, a problem I don’t have with your other collaborators. 

Reply to  zarajo
1 month ago

Thanks for the feedback! Aside from speed, is there anything else that you find difficult to understand when listening to Anna (for example, accent or vocabulary usage)?

Reply to  AndrewBates
1 month ago

Her accent!

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