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Happy 2022!! BONUS EPISODE

Episode description

Happy 2022! In this short episode, Andrew and the Culips team pass on the greetings and wishes for the new year.

Note: The words and expressions that appear in bold text within the transcript are discussed in more detail in the Detailed Explanations section that follows the transcript. The transcript has been edited for clarity.

Andrew:  Hey, everyone! It’s Andrew here and you’re listening to the Culips English Podcast.

Happy New Year, everyone! We are a few days into 2022 and I hope it’s going well for you so far. Did you do anything special to ring in the new year? To ring in the new year means to celebrate the new year. And I rang in the new year by having a very small but also very fun party with my wife, it was a party of two, well, three if you include our dog Pinky. Now due to the social distancing rules that are in place right now in South Korea, where we live, we couldn’t really have a new year’s party or meet up with any of our friends this year. But we still managed to make the most out of a difficult situation by having this little private party by ourselves. We were given a bottle of champagne as a wedding present after our wedding that happened in May of 2021. So we had some champagne, and we prepared some other tasty snacks as well, and we enjoyed those. We also recently bought a record player and I kind of went on a shopping spree lately, everyone, I spent a little bit too much money buying a bunch of old LP records. So I was the party DJ, and we listened to a bunch of great music and spent the night that way.

Canadians usually think of New Year’s Eve as a pretty special night and we’d like to do something fun to ring in the new year. So I’m glad I was able to carry out that tradition this year, even though we’re still going through the pandemic. Anyway, everyone in this episode, the Culips team, and I just want to pass on our new year’s greetings and well wishes to you. This is going to be a short episode and there isn’t a study guide for it. We did, however, make a transcript and that transcript will be available to everyone. Whether you’re a Culips Member or not, on our websites, which is Culips.com, C-U-L-I-P-S.com.

We’ll hear from all of the Culips hosts here in just a moment. But before we do, I want to remind everyone about our special new year sale that is happening right now. Until January 15th of 2022, you can save 25% off a yearly Culips membership. A few people have messaged me to ask if this promotion is only available to new members, and the answer to that question is no. Even if you’re already a member, if you would like to extend your membership for another year, and take advantage of this discounted sale price, you can absolutely do that. Or if you were a member before and your membership recently expired and you want to renew it and take advantage of the discounted price, you can do that as well. No problem.

So everyone, if your goal for 2022 is to improve your English and build fluency in listening, speaking, and pronunciation, then I highly recommend a Culips membership. On top of that, by studying with Culips, you’ll learn helpful and useful English vocabulary and learn about the culture of English speaking countries and the people who live in them. Culips members get access to all of the tools that we’ve designed and created to help you learn natural English in a fun, interesting, and immersive way. Some of those tools include access to our entire study guide library for all of our episodes. And these days, we have over 600 episodes, we’ve got tons of material. You’ll also get transcripts for all of those episodes plus access to our members only series, which is called the Fluency Files. Plus, you’ll get other great extras like ad-free audio, invitations to the monthly video live streams that Kassy and I host, playlists, a community forum and more. There are a ton of great benefits you get when you are a Culips member. The reason that the Culips team and I make Culips and do Culips is because we’re passionate language learners ourselves. We love learning languages and we want to make learning English enjoyable and easy for you.

Of course, learning English is difficult and we can’t really change that. No matter how you learn whether it’s with Culips, or a different program, or a different app, or a different book, or a different class, no matter how you learn, you’ll have to commit many hours to learning English, there’s no way around that. But here at Culips we provide you with all of the content and learning materials you need, in one easy place. All the resources you need to improve and reach the next level in your English, they’re here for you. And of course, we have new episodes always coming out each week, which makes learning English with Culips, very fresh and relevant. I get emails all the time from Culips members who tell me that they’ve been able to level up their English fluency, after learning with us for a year. Now, I can honestly tell you that I’ve never once heard from a Culips member who’s said something like, “Andrew after becoming a Culips member and studying with Culips for a year, my English didn’t improve.” It’s never happened. I’ve never heard anything like that. Of course, some people have told me that they weren’t able to make as much progress as they would have liked, because they got busy, or they weren’t able to commit any time to learning English. That’s natural and to be expected, no matter what you’re learning, right? You can’t learn to play the piano, or run a marathon either if you can’t commit time to practicing, and learning. But guys, I can promise you that if you can find time in your schedule to regularly study with Culips and the learning materials you’ll get when you’re a Culips member, you’ll be able to improve your English fluency this year.

So anyways, everyone, I’m going to end my sales pitch here. We’re really proud of what we do at Culips and we depend on your support to allow us to continue making English lessons for learners all over the world. The new year sale runs until January 15th of 2022. And once again, if you sign up for a yearly membership during the sale period, you can save 25%. So to learn more, and to sign up, just visit Culips.com,  C-U-L-I-P-S.com. So I asked the Culips team to pass on their new year well wishes to all of you guys, all of our listeners. We’ll start with Kassy, we’ll hear from her first because she has a short, sweet, and motivational message for everyone learning English with us. So let’s take a listen to Kassy’s new year’s message now.

Kassy:  2022 is your year and you should climb your way to the top.

Andrew:  One thing that I really like about Kassy is that she really lives life to the fullest. She’s a super active person, and she’s always doing new things, learning new things, upgrading her qualifications, starting new projects, etc. etc.. I want to quickly break down what Kassy just said and explain it to you all. So let’s listen to the first part of Kassy’s message one more time.

Kassy:  2022 is your year. 2022 is your year.

Andrew:  So she said 2022 is your year. 2022 is your year. And what Kassy means here is that if you commit to achieving your goals this year, you can definitely achieve them, OK? This is the year where you can do what you want to do. It’s that kind of nuance to this expression. And in the second part of her message, Kassy said,

Kassy:  And you should climb your way to the top. And you should climb your way to the top.

Andrew:  You should climb your way to the top, you should climb your way to the top. OK, so here she uses a mountain climbing metaphor. What she means is that you should be active this year and work towards reaching your goals and becoming the person that you want to be during 2022 So thank you, Kassy for passing on that motivational message to us all. Now let’s hear from Anna the newest Culips co-host. Here’s what Anna had to say.

Anna:  I hope you have a wonderful new year and I hope you start the new year feeling relaxed, looking forward to 2022 and all the exciting things that are gonna come up and I hope that you stay tuned to Culips as well for even more English learning.

Andrew:  Fantastic! Okay, thank you very much for that great message, Anna. And finally, we have a message from Suzanne as well. Now Suzanne called me from her parents’ house in Texas. So she didn’t have her microphone with her at that time, but it’s OK, you’ll be able to understand her without any problems. So let’s hear what Suzanne had to say in her New Year’s message to you all.

Suzanne:  I would love to pass on to our listeners that doing just a little something every day, especially in your new language, whether you’re learning English, whether you’re studying pronunciation in English, just doing five minutes, or just a little something every single day is going to build big results, good habits. So just keep going. That’s something I really wish for you guys in the new year. And also, just to stay positive. I know that there’s so much in this world right now, but it could be a little stressful, very stressful, overwhelming, but to continue to stay optimistic and look for the possibilities. All right, guys, I’m wishing you so much joy, so much happiness, and just peace and ease in the next year into 2022.

Andrew:  I love that. Thank you, Suzanne. And Suzanne, I couldn’t agree with you more in saying that I wish all of our listeners peace and happiness in this new year, especially peace. I think that is my theme for 2022. Finding and living in peace.

And listeners, I hope that no matter what your goal is, and no matter what person you want to become this year, that you can make some progress toward achieving your goals. Now, I can’t help you with everything and all of your goals, but if your goal is to improve your English this year, then I hope that the Culips team and I can help you out. This year, we’re going to continue to work hard and to make sure that we can achieve our goal, which is making super educational, useful, motivational, and interesting English lessons for you all. So that’s it for now, everyone. I’m going to wrap things up here. Thanks for making it to the end of this episode. Don’t forget about our 25% off New Year sale that’s running until January 15th, 2022. And for all the details and to sign up just visit Culips.com, C-U-L-I-P-S.com. So take care, I’ll talk to you next time, and once again, happy new year!”

Hosts:     Andrew Bates, Suzanne Cerreta, Kassy White, and Anna Connelly

Music:     Something Elated by Broke For Free

Audio editor:     Andrew Bates

Operations:     Tsuyoshi Kaneshima

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4 months ago

Thank you for all your positive messages. Harmony and peace ✌️

4 months ago

Hey, Culips team! Happy New Year! thank you for great podcast!

Andrew from Culips
Andrew from Culips
Reply to  ekatastakh
4 months ago

Happy new year!!

4 months ago

Hi Andrew! Thanks a lot for your work and good luck next year. I have a suggestion. Why don’t you start Culip’s speaking club for Culip members, where we could discuss Culip’s podcasts, at extra charge? I think it would be a great way to improve our speaking skills. Thank you. 

Andrew from Culips
Andrew from Culips
Reply to  galina
4 months ago

That’s a very interesting suggestion! We’d love to do something like that in the near future. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

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