Catch Word #261 – Finger on the pulse

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Everyone knows someone who seems to know about all the trends or the latest news before everyone else. You might even be that person among your friends! In today’s Catch Word episode, Andrew and Kassy explain two idioms that you can use to describe these people, finger on the pulse and ahead of the curve.

Catch Word English audio lessons are designed for intermediate and advanced English learners. Through natural conversations, you’ll learn idioms, phrasal verbs, and expressions that will help improve your English listening and speaking skills.

Fun facts

Trends, also known as fads or crazes, are any collective behaviour that develops within a culture, generation, or social group. They tend to be short-lived, lasting only as long as people are able to change or to innovate the trend. Interestingly, the first people to follow a fad are usually the first ones to stop following it!

Expressions included in the study guide

  • Heartfelt
  • Finger on the pulse
  • Regular old
  • To wow [someone]
  • Ahead of the curve
  • Easier said than done

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1 month ago

Learning English is easier said than done, since there are many temptation out there. I’m so glad that I can keep learning practical and intriguing topics in English with Culips.

Reply to  cccero
1 month ago

And we’re glad that you can learn English with us! Thanks for checking out this episode 🙂

1 month ago

Good! Thanks always.

Last edited 1 month ago by unjeong
Andrew from Culips
Andrew from Culips
Reply to  unjeong
1 month ago

Glad you enjoyed this lesson. Thanks!!

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