Chatterbox #289 – What’s your MBTI?

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Do you really know yourself? Sometimes you think you know your own personality, but you might think differently after taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator! The MBTI is a test designed to evaluate what kind of personality you have, based on 8 sets of traits.

In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew and Anna explore the MBTI as they talk about their own test results! Give it a listen. The results may surprise you! Here’s a free personality test for you!

Fun facts

If you’ve taken the MBTI assessment and don’t like the results, don’t worry about it. On the organization’s official website, the Myer-Briggs company admits that the traits that they use in their assessment exist on a spectrum. Most people don’t fit perfectly into each of the personality types. And that’s okay! We’re all individuals after all.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • To not picture [something]
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy
  • To wear different hats
  • To be on the same wavelength
  • A broad brush
  • A double-edged sword

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15 days ago

I have seen many people discussing MBTI these days on the internet. But personality assessment is really not my things. I’m the kind of person who found questionnaire is tough. It is really difficult for me to pick one answer out of the others. For me, it always depends on the situation.
BTW, I did completed the test that Andrew shared. I’m an INFP. Maybe that’s the reason we are on the same wavelength in many aspects, especially the travel one. 🙂

It is really hard to explore the inner universe of others.

15 days ago

Well, I think there’s something really attractive about assigning ourselves into different personalities. That is why horoscopes are so popular, that is why we like, love taking BuzzFeed quizzes. But as we all know, humans are far more complicated than this. AND you know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the test as a fun activity. But it’s important to remember. The Myers-Briggs is useful for one thing : Entertainment!!!

Cheers Andrew & Anna~

Last edited 15 days ago by dennyjung

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