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Catch Word #165 – On the tip of my tongue

Do you have a good memory? Or are you someone who sometimes forgets details like names and dates? In this Catchword episode, Andrew and Harp introduce and explain...READ MORE

Catch Word #164 – Schmoozing

Hey party people! Today’s episode is all about socializing at events and parties. From making small talk to making business connections, we’ve got it all covered. Join Harp...READ MORE

Catch Word #163 – Testing the waters

Sometimes it’s smart to be cautious. In this episode, we take a look at three expressions that are used when you want to get more information about a...READ MORE

Catch Word #162 – A train wreck

We all make mistakes, but some mistakes are bigger than others. In this episode, Andrew and Harp talk about serious mistakes and failures. Join them as they explain...READ MORE

Catch Word #161 – Stop goofing off

Everybody likes to have fun and sometimes we just can’t resist goofing off. Today’s program is all about irresponsibility. Join Maura and Andrew for their chat about wasting...READ MORE

Catch Word # 160 – To know the ropes

Do you know your stuff? If not, you’re going to want to listen to this episode! Today’s program is all about experts and how to describe them. Join...READ MORE

Catch Word #159 – Have you ever been canned?

For a variety of reasons, people are sometimes asked to leave their jobs. This episode is all about expressions used to talk about people getting fired. Be careful...READ MORE

Catch Word #158 – Give me a ballpark figure

In some situations, you can’t be exact, so you have to estimate a number. There are tons of reasons why this happens, and we talk about some in...READ MORE

Catch Word #157 – You killed it

Would you ever guess that to kill something could mean to do it well? In English it can mean exactly that! In this episode, we’re looking at expressions...READ MORE

Catch Word #156 – Movers and shakers

In these times of international business, many movers and shakers find it important to be able to speak English! In today’s episode, we talk about people who have...READ MORE