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Catch Word #155 – Let’s just play it by ear

Are you the kind of person who likes to plan everything? Or would you rather just play it by ear? This episode is about being in the moment,...READ MORE

Catch Word #154 – That’s sick!

There are tons of negative words that are used as positive slang. We’re looking at a few of the more popular ones in this episode. Andrew and Maura...READ MORE

Catch Word #153 – Word

This time we’re looking at casual ways to agree with a person. The expressions in this episode are cool casual slang, more often used by younger people. But...READ MORE

Catch Word #152 – Hanging by a thread

Do you use things until they almost stop working and become useless? Maybe you have a TV that’s hanging on by a thread. Or do you have an...READ MORE

Catch Word #151 – Go call your folks

Everyone’s got some kind of parental unit, so there’s gotta be some slang to talk about it. We’re talking about mommy and daddy in this episode and reviewing...READ MORE

Catch Word #150 – You pulled a fast one on me

Do you know someone who always likes to joke around? In this episode, we talk about expressions that can be used to describe when one person tricks another....READ MORE

Catch Word #149 – Don’t rock the boat

We don’t like making trouble at Culips, but we do like making episodes about it! The expressions in today’s episode are all about causing problems and making changes...READ MORE

Catch Word #148 – It’s as clean as a whistle

It’s great when you have a nice, clean space, and you may want to talk about it. This episode is all about expressions for saying that something is...READ MORE

Catch Word #147 – She just swept it under the rug

Have you ever done something that you wanted to forget about, and hoped that everyone else would forget about it too? If so, then you wanted to sweep...READ MORE

Catch Word #146 – Busted!

When you listen to the news in English, you might hear about someone getting busted. In this episode, we take a look at some expressions that can be...READ MORE