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Catch Word #15 – Get under Someone’s Skin

This episode our idiom is “to get under someone’s skin.” This means to bother or annoy someone. We give tons of examples of how you can use it...READ MORE

Catch Word #14 – Eavesdropping

When you listen to our Culips podcast, are you eavesdropping? No, you aren’t because that would be rude. What is eavesdropping? It is a special kind of listening....READ MORE

Catch Word #13 – Whistleblower

You can blow a whistle and be a whistleblower, but we also used the expression “whistleblower” for a person who tells the authorities when a company is doing...READ MORE

Catch Word #12 – Grumpy

In this episode we talk about being grumpy and other words with the same meaning. We are not usually grumpy people, so we act out some examples for...READ MORE

Catch Word #11 – Watch

In this episode Robin and Maura look at the word watch. Watch can be a verb or a noun and is used in quite a few expressions. First...READ MORE

Catch Word #10 – Stone

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Do you know this expression? It’s a good one for kids to know. Check it...READ MORE

Catch Word #9 – Wave

Hey! Over here! We’re over here! We are waving at you so you look over here! This week’s word is wave and all of its different meanings. Listen...READ MORE

Catch Word #7 – Clear

Do you know all the meanings of the word clear? Do you understand them clearly? Here we try to make some of the definitions crystal clear for you!...READ MORE

Catch Word #6 – Look

You don’t need to look up these definitions in the dictionary. Just listen to this episode where we look at some of the possibilities with the verb look!...READ MORE

Catch Word #5 – Make

We made up this episode for you! Make has many different two-word verbs and in this episode we explain some of them. We hope all our listeners can...READ MORE