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Catch Word #247 – Spread too thin

Are your days so busy you find you don’t have any time for yourself? English has many ways to express this crazy busy state you’re in. In this...READ MORE

Catch Word #246 – Butterfingers

Are you clumsy and uncoordinated? You’re not alone! In this episode, Andrew and Kassy teach us two ways to talk about being clumsy and share stories where they...READ MORE

Catch Word #245 – Heart-to-heart

In today’s Catch Word episode, Andrew and Kassy introduce two really useful phrases for talking about emotions and feelings. Sharing the thoughts buried deep in your heart isn’t...READ MORE

Catch Word #244 – Connect the dots

Some people can’t get enough of jigsaw puzzles. They like connecting the dots and the challenge of piecing everything together. In the end, it’s always important to pay...READ MORE

Catch Word #243 – Read between the lines

The way we communicate includes more than what we actually say. Sometimes there are hidden meanings! In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne explain two phrases that mean to...READ MORE

Catch Word #242 – That rings a bell!

Hmm, what’s today’s topic? Oh, that’s right! In today’s useful Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy will teach you some helpful phrases to use when talking about memory...READ MORE

Catch Word #241 – Take the plunge

Life is full of important decisions, and some of them cannot be undone. You have to carefully navigate the world of decisions. In this Catch Word episode, Andrew...READ MORE

Catch Word #240 – Let’s get crackin’!

Here’s another brand-new Catch Word episode for our listeners! Tune in with Andrew and Jeremy to learn some useful English phrases you can use when you want to...READ MORE

Catch Word #239 – It’s all downhill from here

How’s your English learning these days? Are you getting into the groove of things? In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy give you some useful expressions to...READ MORE

Catch Word #238 – I let it slip through my fingers

In this week’s Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy explain three everyday expressions using the word slip: slip up, to slip [one’s] mind, and to slip through [one’s]...READ MORE