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Chatterbox #290 – Is bread the world’s favourite food?

Bread is a staple around the world. Every culture has its own version or style, from India’s naan to Brazil’s pão de queijo. In today’s episode, Andrew and...READ MORE

Chatterbox #289 – What’s your MBTI?

Do you really know yourself? Sometimes you think you know your own personality, but you might think differently after taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator! The MBTI is a...READ MORE

Chatterbox #288 – What’s your favourite quote?

Words can inspire us. Everyone has that moment when they read something, or hear something, that just makes sense. So much so that we want to share these...READ MORE

Chatterbox #287 – Pub culture in the UK and Canada

Pubs are very common in the United Kingdom and Canada. However, there are differences between the two countries and their respective cultures. In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew and...READ MORE

Chatterbox #286 – Beauty filters

Do you like the way you look in photos? Considering the huge market for online filters for photographs, there must be a lot of people who prefer embellishing...READ MORE

Chatterbox #285 – Life hacks

What are some of your favourite life hacks? That’s the topic of discussion for this Chatterbox episode. Join Andrew and Anna as they share some of their favourite...READ MORE

Chatterbox #284 – The cult of overwork

In many countries, there is a cult of overworking and people are expected to work long hours. In fact, working long hours can be seen as a sign...READ MORE

Chatterbox #283 – Plogging

Have you heard about the newest trend that combines a daily walk or jog with picking up litter? If not, you’re not alone. It’s called plogging, and in...READ MORE

Chatterbox #282 – The future of podcasting

Podcasts are evolving. From the technology used to the companies producing them and everything in between, the podcasting industry is seeing a lot of new, exciting changes. In...READ MORE

Chatterbox #281 – Do you prefer reading paper or e-books?

In this episode, Andrew and Anna debate the pros and cons of reading paper books and digital e-books. They also discuss their experiences with reading online and talk...READ MORE