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Chatterbox #280 – Say goodbye to grey hair?

What? Another grey hair? If we’re fortunate enough to grow old, finding grey hairs will be a common occurrence for sure. In this Chatterbox episode, hosts Andrew and...READ MORE

Chatterbox #279 – Shrinkflation

Have you noticed your usual grocery items are smaller than they used to be, but cost the same? You may not have heard of shrinkflation before, but it’s...READ MORE

Chatterbox #278 – Music festivals

Are you a fan of music festivals? In this episode, Andrew and Anna discuss the ins and outs of a typical musical festival. Tune in to learn about...READ MORE

Chatterbox #277 – The new space race

Have you ever wanted to travel to space? A few well-known billionaires definitely have! In fact, they have restarted the Space Race and their companies are racing into...READ MORE

Chatterbox #276 – Evaluating different sources of listening materials

Have you missed hearing Jeremy’s voice on the podcast? Then tune in to this episode, which was recorded last year while Jeremy was still on the team. This...READ MORE

Chatterbox #275 – The pandemic economy

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone over the past year and a half. So what does this mean for the economy? In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew...READ MORE

Chatterbox #274 – What it’s like to live in Spain

Nice beaches, beautiful architecture, and warm weather: these are some of the things people most associate with Spain. But since cohost Anna lives in Spain, she can tell...READ MORE

Chatterbox #273 – Anna’s language learning and teaching journey

Since you’re listening to Culips, that means you’re learning a language! Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to teach one? Today, Anna and Andrew chat about...READ MORE

Chatterbox #272 – Life and culture in the UK

Have you ever wondered what life is like in the UK? Turns out, it is a bit different from Canada or the US! Andrew speaks with UK native...READ MORE

Chatterbox #271 – Meet Anna, the new Culips cohost!

With a heavy heart, Andrew announces that frequent cohost Jeremy is leaving the Culips team. However, it’s a great time to introduce the new Culips host, Anna! She...READ MORE