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Chatterbox #270 – The pros and cons of studying with videos

These days, there are so many different sources to use when studying language. That’s both good and bad. There are pros and cons when you study with movies,...READ MORE

Chatterbox #269 – The subscription economy

Do you have a Netflix, Spotify, or YouTube Premium subscription? All three? In this interesting Chatterbox episode, Andrew and Suzanne chat about monthly subscription services. Tune in to...READ MORE

Chatterbox #268 – Imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt like you don’t really belong? Or perhaps that, somehow, you’ve fooled people into believing that you’re more successful or intelligent than you really are?...READ MORE

Chatterbox #267 – Skin care

Everyone has a skincare routine, whether it’s moisturizing occasionally or sticking to a daily regime. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne share their skincare routines. They also talk...READ MORE

Chatterbox #265 – Movies that have had an impact on society

Grab your popcorn and get comfortable. Listen as Andrew and Kassy talk about a few of the movies that changed how people think and that inspired a whole...READ MORE

Chatterbox #264 – Interview with Robin MacPherson: Part 2

We are back with Part 2 of Andrew’s interview with Robin MacPherson! In this episode, Robin shares the last two steps of his five-step method to better learn...READ MORE

Chatterbox #263 – Interview with Robin MacPherson: Part 1

How many languages can you speak? What are the best ways to improve your language skills? In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew talks with YouTuber, blogger, author, and polyglot...READ MORE

Chatterbox #262 – What is health care like in your country?

Health care is different in every country. In this episode, Andrew and Kassy talk about the differences between the Canadian and American healthcare and health insurance systems. Today...READ MORE

Chatterbox #261 – Meme stocks

One of the biggest stories in financial news these days is what’s happening with meme stocks and Reddit subgroups. Although the story and the English terms used to...READ MORE

Chatterbox #260 – Where would you be…

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made a couple of different choices along the way? In this interesting Chatterbox episode, Andrew...READ MORE