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Suzanne’s Quick Tips Episode #3: Stressin’ Out

Episode description Today we're talking about stress, word stress. So in a sentence when you're trying to put emphasis on a word, it can be a little confusing,...READ MORE

Jeremy’s English Tips #14: What to do if you don’t understand

Episode description What have you usually done when you didn’t understand something that was said to you? Today, I will share my opinion about what to do if...READ MORE

Jeremy’s English Tips #13: How to sound like a native with filler words

Episode description This episode will be helpful for people who are having conversations in English but want to sound more natural. That means that this episode will be...READ MORE

Suzanne’s Quick Tips Episode #2: Articulate to make your English great

Episode description Today we're going to cover a Quick Tip and we're going to be talking about adding articulation in your speech. Something really simple, but something that...READ MORE

Jeremy’s English Tips #12: Repetitive reading

Episode description Today’s episode of Jeremy’s English Tips by Culips is about repetitive reading. When we do something for the first time, a new connection forms in our...READ MORE

Suzanne’s Quick Tips Episode #1: Slow down

Episode description Hey guys, this is Suzanne. And you're listening to Culips. Welcome to our new series called Quick Tips for all of your quick and easy English...READ MORE

Jeremy’s English Tips #11: How to talk about pets

Episode description In this episode of Jeremy’s English Tips by Culips, I’ll be talking about pets, but more specifically dogs. However, all of what you will learn in...READ MORE

Jeremy’s English Tips #10: The last straw

Episode description I will be sharing an idiomatic expression with you today. I hope you're excited. Our expression for today is the last straw, the last straw.  Now,...READ MORE

Jeremy’s English Tips #9: Making new habits

Episode description In this episode, we are going to be talking about habits, and more specifically, we will be talking about making new habits. In order to learn...READ MORE

Jeremy’s English Tips #8: English names

Episode description Thank you for checking out this episode of Jeremy's English Tips. In this episode, we are going to talk about English names. All right, so I...READ MORE