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Real Talk #047 – What to say if you are stopped by the police

You’re driving down the street and notice the police car behind you has just turned on its siren and flashing lights. You need to pull over. What do...READ MORE

Real Talk #046 – How to start a conversation with a stranger

Meeting new people can be intimidating. It can also be the starting point for the best friendships you’ll ever have. In today’s edition of Real Talk, Andrew and...READ MORE

Real Talk #045 – How to respond to bad news

This is a Real Talk episode. Real Talk is the series where we teach you the English that you need to know for everyday, real-world situations. Occasionally, someone...READ MORE

Real Talk #044 – How to react to surprising news

Some people enjoy surprises. Some people absolutely hate them! It is sometimes difficult to know how to react when someone tells you something incredible. In this Real Talk...READ MORE

Real Talk #043 – Talking about video call problems

Isn’t it frustrating when you are on a video call and all of a sudden you experience technical difficulties? Sometimes the video is faulty. Sometimes it’s the audio....READ MORE

Real Talk #042 – How to respond to good news

Good news, everybody! In this Real Talk episode, our hosts Andrew and Kassy discuss the many ways you can respond in English when you hear good news. Fun...READ MORE

Real Talk #041 – How to meet new people at a party

Do you dread social gatherings because you’re never quite sure exactly what to say? Then tune in to this Real Talk episode, where Andrew and Jeremy introduce some...READ MORE

Real Talk #040 – How to order coffee

People around the world often start their days with a nice cup of coffee. In this Real Talk episode, Andrew and Jeremy discuss some helpful phrases that one...READ MORE

Real Talk #039 – How to pick up medicine at the pharmacy

Do you often visit the pharmacy during flu season? In this Real Talk episode, Andrew and Kassy introduce useful phrases and vocabulary that are heard at the pharmacy....READ MORE

Real Talk #038 – How to choose a cell phone plan

Living in a foreign country and need to buy a new phone or sign up for a phone plan? Then click on this episode straight away! In this...READ MORE