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Simplified Speech #165 – What were you like as a teenager?

We all have stories about our teenage years – some funny, some awkward. In this episode, Andrew and Kassy take a look back at their teenage selves and...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #164 – Socializing with coworkers

Have you ever gotten together with your coworkers on the weekend? In this episode, Andrew and Kassy talk about their experiences spending time with their colleagues socially. They...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #163 – Kassy’s trip to Korea

In this special episode, Kassy and Andrew get the chance to meet and chat in person! Our reunited hosts discuss Kassy’s unexpected three-week trip to South Korea and...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #162 – What do your facial expressions say about you?

Do you consider yourself an expressive person? Can you usually tell how someone feels by looking at their face? In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Kassy chat...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #161 – Do you practice self-care?

Self-care is a term that has been around for a long time. However, it has become more popular recently because people are paying more attention to taking care...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #160 – Amusement parks

Most children in the U.S. and Canada have had at least a few experiences visiting amusement parks. In this Simplified speech episode, Andrew and Kassy describe their childhood...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #159 – Kassy’s new hobbies

It is always a great time picking up a new hobby! In this episode, Kassy talks with Andrew about some new hobbies of hers. Listen in to find out...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #158 – Have you ever been in an emergency?

Emergencies can be extremely stressful, but they certainly make for some good stories. In this Simplified Speech episode, hosts Andrew and Kassy recount several stories from their childhoods...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #157 – Adjusting to life as a newlywed

What is life like after marriage? Andrew and Kassy have both had their weddings recently and, in this episode, they talk about adjusting to married life and share...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #156 – First impressions of Thailand

Greetings from Thailand! Kassy and her husband have finally arrived in Thailand and are starting to get settled in Bangkok. In this episode, Kassy tells Andrew about her...READ MORE