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Simplified Speech #010 – First Jobs

First jobs aren’t usually glamorous, but they can make for some interesting stories! Join Andrew and Morag in this episode as they discuss their first experiences in the...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #009 – Mother’s Day

In this episode of Simplified Speech, Andrew and Suzanne discuss the various ways of navigating a city. Should you Have you ever wondered how to show your mom...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #8 – Our favourite news sources

What’s your favourite source of news? That’s the topic of conversation in this Simplified Speech episode. Join Andrew and Suzanne as they talk about how they use the...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #7 – Valentine’s Day

In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and our new co-host Suzanne talk about Valentine’s Day! Suzanne tells a mysterious story about a secret admirer and Andrew talks about...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #6 – Morning routines

Are you a morning person? If so, this episode is for you! Join Andrew and Maura for a conversation about what they do each and every morning. You’ll...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #5 – Technology addiction

Do you ever find yourself looking at your smartphone just a little too often? If so, you might be a tech addict! In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #4 – Let’s talk about soup

What’s your favourite comfort food – something you like to eat when you don’t feel well or when you feel a little down? In this Simplified Speech episode,...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #3 – Haircuts

How do you style your hair? Today’s Simplified Speech episode is all about haircuts. Join Harp and Andrew as they discuss their own worst haircuts ever and talk...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #2 – Gardening

In today’s Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Harp talk about a hobby they both share: gardening. Join them as they chat about growing fruits and vegetables, gardening trends...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #1 – Coffee

Join us for the very first episode of our new series, Simplified Speech! Today’s topic is coffee. In this episode, Harp and Andrew chat all about coffee using...READ MORE