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Simplified Speech #152 – Do you celebrate any international days?

Everyone knows about Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but do you know there’s a Strange Music Day and a Burger Day? In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Kassy...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #151 – What’s your most prized possession?

Everyone owns special and precious things, things they think of as valuable and unique. In this episode, Kassy and Andrew get together to talk about the things that...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #150 – Have you ever been obsessed with something?

There are things that we like, and then there are things we really obsess over! But watch out: you don’t want your obsession to turn into an addiction....READ MORE

Simplified Speech #149 – Kassy’s wedding story

Here comes the bride! Kassy recently got married and in this episode, she tells Andrew all about her big day. In our Simplified Speech series, native English speakers...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #148 – Where did you grow up?

Hometowns: everyone has one! In today’s Simplified Speech episode, hosts Andrew and Kassy talk about where they grew up. One of them grew up in Canada, and the...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #147 – Andrew’s diggin’ and Kassy’s almost married!

Curious about what’s new in the lives of Culips’ podcast hosts? Listen in as Andrew and Kassy have another one of their famous catch-up calls. Simplified Speech episodes...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #146 – Kassy’s big move

Kassy shares her big news: she’s moving to Thailand so she can pursue her dream job teaching in a new country! Moving can be stressful. Moving to a...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #145 – Have you ever won a contest?

Have you ever won a contest? That’s the discussion question that Andrew and Kassy talk about in this episode. Join them as they teach you the differences between...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #144 – Buying and selling used things

Have you ever bought or sold something used online? That’s the question that Andrew and Suzanne discuss in this Simplified Speech episode. Andrew talks about some sales he’s...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #143 – Kassy’s acing tests and Andrew’s drumming away

In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Kassy give some updates about what’s going on in their lives these days. Kassy tells us the results of a big...READ MORE