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Simplified Speech #142 – Fake meat and meat alternatives

Plant-based meat alternatives have gained in popularity over the past decade. People following vegan and vegetarian diets now enjoy better, tastier fake meats. Today, Andrew and Kassy talk...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #141 – Are you a big playlist person?

Are you a big playlist person? That’s the question that Andrew and Suzanne discuss in this Simplified Speech episode. Join them as they chat about the kinds of...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #140 – Kassy’s kombucha

Have you ever heard of kombucha? For some people, it’s an amazing tea full of health benefits. For others, it’s a weird-tasting beverage that only strange people drink!...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #139 – Wedding traditions in France

Did you know that every country has their own special wedding traditions? Recently, Suzanne travelled to France to start planning her wedding. In this episode, Suzanne tells Andrew...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #138 – What do you think about online trolls?

Trolls. No, we’re not talking about mean mythical creatures who live under bridges. We’re talking about online trolls. They are very real and very mean people who like...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #137 – Kassy’s board game club

Board games are a fun way to spend an evening with friends. In this episode, Kassy talks with Andrew about her board game club and shares how it...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #136 – How was your 2021?

For some, 2021 was a lot better than 2020. However, that is not the case for everyone. We’re all still dealing with the COVID pandemic. In this episode,...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #135 – Suzanne’s trip to France

In this episode, Suzanne tells us about her experience of flying internationally during the pandemic, which didn’t go as smoothly as planned. If you are thinking about taking...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #134 – Buffet restaurants

Are you the type of person who loves food and wishes your plate would never go empty? Going to a buffet restaurant means you can eat as much...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #133 – Moving to a foreign country

Have you ever lived or thought about living in a foreign country? If so, hit play and listen to Andrew and Suzanne’s perspectives about living in a foreign...READ MORE