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Simplified Speech #132 – Kassy’s getting married!

Kassy has joined the Culips wedding club! Many of the Culips hosts and listeners have gotten married these past few years, and Kassy is engaged to become the...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #131 – Squid Game

Squid Game on Netflix is a Korean show that has become extremely popular around the world. In this episode, Andrew and Kassy talk about the show, sharing their...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #130 – A new hobby and a big purchase

We love catching up with friends. In fact, before every Culips episode, our hosts spend some time doing just that. Today you get to listen in as Andrew...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #129 – Road trips

Hitting the road with friends or family, for a week-long adventure is a time-honoured tradition–especially in North America. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne talk about what makes...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #128 – Grandparents

Many have cherished memories of their grandparents, from listening to their stories to feeling loved and supported throughout childhood. In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Kassy share...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #127 – Animal communicator

Can you talk to animals? In this Simplified Speech episode, Suzanne tells Andrew an interesting story about her dog and an animal communicator. She says this animal communicator...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #126 – Do you know your family history?

Have you ever wondered more about your family history? In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Kassy talk about their family trees and different ways to learn more...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #125 – Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics! They happen every four years… well, almost. The global pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but hopefully cheering on our national athletes with be good...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #124 – What’s new with Kassy and Andrew

Ever wonder what life is like for our podcast hosts when they’re away from the mic? Well, you’re in luck! In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Kassy...READ MORE

Simplified Speech #123 – Independence Day in the USA

Everyone loves a good party! Every July 4th in the United States, Americans celebrate their Independence Day national holiday with fireworks, family gatherings, and good food. Hear what...READ MORE