Culips is podcast for English language learners who want to get awesome at English. We think it is important to learn English how it is really spoken and that’s why our lessons are always focused on real, current English. Learn to speak like a native and understand everything with Culips!


Culips is really different than other English courses and podcasts. Our hosts are kind, funny, and professional. Our podcasts and lessons are designed to help you become fluent in conversational, North American English.  Here are some things you might not know about our hosts:

  • They are Canadian and American
  • Have master’s degrees and work in professions related to English education (Andrew is a university English professor, Suzanne is a pronunciation coach and voice actor, and Morag is a writer).
  • Actively study second languages as adults. Our team understands the ups and downs of studying foreign languages as adults who live busy lives.

At Culips, we make English understandable through our five different series:

Listen to real English conversations between native speakers as we talk about current events, share funny stories, or interview fascinating guests. Become a fluent listener, get exposure to Western culture, and learn the ins and outs of natural English conversations all at the same time.

Catch Word
Learn natural English expressions, idioms, and phrasal verbs. We teach you everyday English vocabulary that native speakers actually use. Sound like a native speaker with Catch Word.

Simplified Speech
Do you get stressed out by English? Do native speakers talk too fast? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. In Simplified Speech, we use 100% natural English, but we speak more slowly than we do in our everyday lives.

This series is great for all levels of learners but is specifically designed with high beginner-intermediate students in mind.

Real Talk
In our In our Real Talk series we teach you the practical English you need know when visiting or living in an English speaking country. Each episode examines a specific situation such as ordering at a restaurant, renting an apartment, or getting a refund.

Speak Easy
Speak Easy is the show that teaches you how to pronounce English the way native speakers do. Learn tips and tricks that will make your English pronunciation clear and understandable with Speak Easy.


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We release between 4-10 new episodes per month.


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Yes! All of the Culips hosts are native English speakers. Morag and Andrew are from the west coast of Canada and have accents that sound like the “Californian Accent” typical of the west coast of North America. Suzanne is an American who has lived in Texas and New York.  When she was younger, Suzanne attended acting school where she acquired a neutral American accent. As a result, she doesn’t speak using typical Texan or New York accents.  Jeremy is from California and has a standard American accent. 

All hosts speak neutral, standard “unaccented English” that is commonly heard in Hollywood movies and TV shows.


The Culips hosts speak Canadian English (Andrew and Morag) and American English (Suzanne and Jeremy). The differences between Canadian and American English are very small and it is often difficult for native speakers of English to tell the difference between standard Canadian and standard American English.

We believe Canadian English is the best English dialect to learn for the following reasons:

  • Extremely similar pronunciation to standard American English
  • Geographic proximity to the USA means Canadians are very knowledgeable about American culture, history, and media
  • Historical connection with the UK means Canadians are knowledgeable about the varieties of English spoken in the Commonwealth (The UK and Australia)
  • Canadian English contains elements of both American and UK English which makes it the ideal variety to learn for students of English

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