Fluency Files #1 – Avocados  

Andrew: I did something I’ve never done before the other day, and that’s buy fruit online. I actually bought a box of avocados online and had them delivered to me. They arrived within two days, so they were actually fresh when they arrived and undamaged and perfect. They’re some of the most delicious avocados I’ve ever bought. 

Now the reason why I did this is because where I live in South Korea, when you go to the supermarket avocados are really, really, really expensive and you don’t see them for sale very often at some of the traditional markets. So, I really didn’t have any other options. I didn’t start enjoying eating avocados until maybe three years ago. Up until then I thought the texture was really strange and the taste wasn’t very sweet or flavourful. So I didn’t enjoy them. But these days, I have to say they’re one of my favourite fruits. 

I usually prepare them by just scooping out the avocado, taking the pit out, getting rid of the skin and then mashing it up with some lemon juice and adding it to a salad. This is my favourite way to eat avocados and it’s weird how much of a one-eighty I’ve done in my thinking about them because although I originally thought they were pretty plain and gross and slimy, now I think they’re cool and crisp and refreshing and fresh. So, my thinking totally changed and now they’re one of my favourite fruits and I buy them online. That’s it for this one. I’ll talk to you next time.

Key expressions
1. I didn’t start enjoying doing [ something ] until…
Similar examples:

  • a.I didn’t start enjoying hiking until I moved to Peru.
  • b.I didn’t start enjoying working at my office until my boss quit.
  • c.I didn’t start enjoying jazz music until I watched La La Land.

2. It’s weird how much of a one-eighty I’ve done in my thinking about them…
Similar examples:

  • a. After graduating with an arts degree, she did a complete one-eighty and
    looked for a job in the sciences.
  • b.Joe’s attitude did a complete one-eighty after his mother passed away.
    Instead of being tough and miserable, he become caring and kind.
  • c.I used to think black and white movies were stupid but I did a total one-eighty
    and now I love them.
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Fluency Files #1 – Avocados