Fluency Files #53 – Chess  

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  1. Bratty – describes children who behave badly
  2. Dead even – an even or tied score
  3. A prodigy – a gifted child who is unusually talented for their age
  4. Mesmerizing – captivating, engaging, and compelling
  5. Sneak in – to make time for, even when you should probably be doing something else

Key Expressions

1. To sell [someone] on [something] 

Example sentence: My parents tried to sell me on the game

Meaning: To sell [someone] on [something] means to convince or persuade someone to believe or accept something.  

More example sentences:

  1. My parents didn’t like the idea at first but eventually I sold them on it. 
  2. Jason wasn’t able to sell me on his plan.  
  3. If I didn’t sell you on it, then you don’t have to do it. 

More example sentences:

  1. I usually don’t drink but from time to time I’ll have a glass of wine.
  2. She likes to play the piano from time to time.
  3. He usually finishes work at 5PM but from time to time he has to work late.  

2. To get into [something]  

Example sentence: If I had gotten into chess when I was young, I’d probably be a much better player now. 

Meaning: To get into [something] means to start doing something or become interested in something.

More example sentences:

  1. I got into collecting comic books when I was a kid and I’ve loved them ever since. 
  2. She first got into doing yoga after graduating from college. 
  3. I wish I had gotten into baking earlier, it’s so fun!