How to study with Culips Fluency Files  


Fluency Files are the perfect length for memorization. Research has shown that memorizing sentences can improve fluency and have beneficial effects when speaking a second language.


Become a better listener by writing down what you hear. Listen to a sentence, then write it down. Once you finish, check your work against the transcript. Identify your weaknesses and get better!


Repeated listening is an awesome technique for building listening fluency and become familiar with new grammar patterns and vocabulary. Fluency Files are designed so that you can listen to them over and over again. Keep listening until you can understand everything easily, even if this takes 100 times. Or 500 times!


Shadowing is a technique for practicing pronunciation. Listen to a Fluency Files episode and repeat what you hear as soon as you can. Your job is to imitate the speaker as much as possible. Copy the speaker’s volume, stress, intonation, and speech flow. Repeat often.


Push yourself to grow as an English learner. Take it to the next level by giving a personalized response to each Fluency Files episode. This could be a diary entry or it could be a conversation with a friend. Don’t have a friend to talk to in English? Talk to yourself. Share an experience or opinion that relates to what you just heard.

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