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English conversations at a normal speed. We interview someone who has an interesting story to tell.


Catch Word

English idioms, phrases, common slang and interesting vocabulary make you sound like a native speaker


Simplified Speech

Our hosts have natural conversations in everyday English, while speaking slowly and clearly.


Real Talk

Practical English expressions for everyday situations that you encounter in an English speaking country.


Speak Easy

Suzanne teaches you how to perfect your accent and speak in clear and comprehensible English in our Speak Easy pronunciation series.


English tips from the Culips hosts

Discover English study tips, learn useful vocabulary, and listen to interesting interviews


Catch Word #257 – Hightail it out of there

What is your favourite way to say, “I have to leave now, and fast”? In this episode, Andrew and Kassy explain two... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #139 – Wedding traditions in France

Did you know that every country has their own special wedding traditions? Recently, Suzanne travelled to France to start planning her wedding.... READ MORE

Chatterbox #284 – The cult of overwork

In many countries, there is a cult of overworking and people are expected to work long hours. In fact, working long hours... READ MORE

Chatterbox #283 – Plogging

Have you heard about the newest trend that combines a daily walk or jog with picking up litter? If not, you’re not... READ MORE

Catch Word #256 – The different ways English speakers use damn

Damn! I can’t wait to listen to the new Culips episode. This is just one of the many ways you can use... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #138 – What do you think about online trolls?

Trolls. No, we’re not talking about mean mythical creatures who live under bridges. We’re talking about online trolls. They are very real... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #137 – Kassy’s board game club

Board games are a fun way to spend an evening with friends. In this episode, Kassy talks with Andrew about her board... READ MORE

Happy 2022!! BONUS EPISODE

Happy 2022!! BONUS EPISODE Episode description Happy 2022! In this short episode, Andrew and the Culips team pass on the greetings and... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #136 – How was your 2021?

For some, 2021 was a lot better than 2020. However, that is not the case for everyone. We’re all still dealing with... READ MORE

Real Talk #053 – Visiting the dentist

Making a dental appointment, finding the time to go, and paying for dental insurance can all be quite the hassle. But of... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #135 – Suzanne’s trip to France

In this episode, Suzanne tells us about her experience of flying internationally during the pandemic, which didn’t go as smoothly as planned.... READ MORE

Chatterbox #282 – The future of podcasting

Podcasts are evolving. From the technology used to the companies producing them and everything in between, the podcasting industry is seeing a... READ MORE

Catch Word #255 – We just clicked

Have you ever wished there was another way to describe how friendly you are with certain people? In this Catch Word episode,... READ MORE

Chatterbox #281 – Do you prefer reading paper or e-books?

In this episode, Andrew and Anna debate the pros and cons of reading paper books and digital e-books. They also discuss their... READ MORE

Catch Word #254 – In for a rude awakening

Would you like to have a bombshell dropped on you? That sounds pretty bad, but don’t worry, our hosts Andrew and Suzanne... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #134 – Buffet restaurants

Are you the type of person who loves food and wishes your plate would never go empty? Going to a buffet restaurant... READ MORE

Catch Word #253 – Just chill

To calm down, hang out, relax, be easygoing: native English speakers use the word chill in many ways. In this Catch Word... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #133 – Moving to a foreign country

Have you ever lived or thought about living in a foreign country? If so, hit play and listen to Andrew and Suzanne’s... READ MORE

Chatterbox #280 – Say goodbye to grey hair?

What? Another grey hair? If we’re fortunate enough to grow old, finding grey hairs will be a common occurrence for sure. In... READ MORE

Catch Word #252 – Do you have deep pockets?

Do you know how to describe rich people and companies in English? In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Kassy teach you... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #132 – Kassy’s getting married!

Kassy has joined the Culips wedding club! Many of the Culips hosts and listeners have gotten married these past few years, and... READ MORE

Chatterbox #279 – Shrinkflation

Have you noticed your usual grocery items are smaller than they used to be, but cost the same? You may not have... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #131 – Squid Game

Squid Game on Netflix is a Korean show that has become extremely popular around the world. In this episode, Andrew and Kassy... READ MORE

Real Talk #052 – Making an appointment to see the dentist

Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist’s office. However, there are certainly many people who fear making an appointment over the phone... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #130 – A new hobby and a big purchase

We love catching up with friends. In fact, before every Culips episode, our hosts spend some time doing just that. Today you... READ MORE

Chatterbox #278 – Music festivals

Are you a fan of music festivals? In this episode, Andrew and Anna discuss the ins and outs of a typical musical... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #129 – Road trips

Hitting the road with friends or family, for a week-long adventure is a time-honoured tradition–especially in North America. In this episode, Andrew... READ MORE

Chatterbox #277 – The new space race

Have you ever wanted to travel to space? A few well-known billionaires definitely have! In fact, they have restarted the Space Race... READ MORE

Catch Word #251 – You’ve improved by leaps and bounds!

We’re back with another Catch Word episode! In this episode, Andrew and Kassy teach you some idiomatic expressions or phrases to use... READ MORE

Simplified Speech #128 – Grandparents

Many have cherished memories of their grandparents, from listening to their stories to feeling loved and supported throughout childhood. In this Simplified... READ MORE



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