Chatterbox Episodes
English conversions at a normal speed. We interview someone who has an interesting story to tell.
Catch Word Episodes
English idioms, phrases, common slang and interesting vocabulary
Simplified Speech Episodes
Our hosts have natural conversations in everyday English, while speaking slowly and clearly.
Real Talk Episodes
Practical English expressions for everyday situations that you encounter in an English speaking country.


Chatterbox #4 – Birthday Parties

In honour of Harp and Maura’s birthdays we decided to do a podcast about birthdays! In this episode, we talk about birthday parties (mostly for kids and teenagers) and what activities are a usually part of them. We also talk about the special birthdays in a person’s life, like the big 3-0!   Harp : more »

Curious Question #14 – Down Cold

Do you have all English idioms down cold? If you don’t know every English idiom, listen to this podcast to learn a couple more. The question this week is about the expression “to have something down cold.”

Catch Word #16 – Crazy

At Culips we always try to be a little crazy! This word has a literal meaning but also tons of slang ways to use it. In North America it is a very popular word. Other similar words include, “insane”, “bananas”, “nuts”. Check out this podcast to hear how we use them all.   Expressions included more »

Chatterbox #3 – Movie Review: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight was the summer blockbuster! Is it playing in theatres where you are now? Maura gives her review in this episode and we talk about tons of movie vocabulary. Check out this episode and the film!

Catch Word #15 – Get under Someone’s Skin

This episode our idiom is “to get under someone’s skin.” This means to bother or annoy someone. We give tons of examples of how you can use it and look at similar expressions, like “to rub someone the wrong way” and “to drive someone crazy”. To find out what drives Harp crazy, start listening to more »

Curious Question #13 –Answering machine/voice mail greetings

How do I leave a greeting in English on my answering machine at work? There are standard messages and there are more special, funny ones. Listen to this podcast to hear professional messages and Harp and Maura sing! Expressions included in the learning materials Answering machine / voicemail Reached Message The tone/the beep Just kidding more »


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