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Chatterbox #15 – Introducing Moheb

In this episode, we chatted with Moheb. We talk a bit about his interesting experiences in Egypt, the U.S. and Canada. Can anyone hear a difference between the Canadian and American accents? Expressions included in the learning materials To hop around To pick up To keep up A soft spot in my heart Every other […]

Catch Word #38 – To push someone’s buttons

Of course we all need to push some buttons to turn on a computer or our MP3 players. But to push someone’s buttons has a very different meaning from that literal meaning. In fact, it’s usually not a good idea to push someone’s buttons! In this episode, we look at three expressions, to push buttons, […]

Catch Word #37 – Mum’s the word

If you want to tell someone to keep something a secret or promise to keep a secret for someone else you can use this expression: mum’s the word. At first it seems like a strange expression…mum is the word? Weird. But you will see it is not so complicated when we explain the possible origin […]

Curious Question #21 – Wedding anniversaries

Eliza from China emailed to ask us about Wedding Anniversaries. Here we talk about different ways to wish someone a happy anniversary, what couples do on their anniversaries and the special names of some anniversaries. If you’re married or not, listen below.

Catch Word #36 – To come down with something

Are you healthy? Or are you coming down with something? Have you been sick for a few days and feeling under the weather? Or maybe you are lucky and are getting over it? In this episode we look at some casual expressions to talk about being sick, from the beginning of your cold to the […]

Catch Word #35 – Hit it off

If you are single and looking for a partner, then you are looking to hit it off with someone. You can also hit it off with a new friend, a new boss or colleague, or any new person in your life. We also look at the similar expressions, to get along and to have chemistry. […]


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