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English conversions at a normal speed. We interview someone who has an interesting story to tell.
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English idioms, phrases, common slang and interesting vocabulary
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Our hosts have natural conversations in everyday English, while speaking slowly and clearly.
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Practical English expressions for everyday situations that you encounter in an English speaking country.


Chatterbox #2– Off Campus

This is our new podcast – Chatterbox! Here we talk about everything cultural. This is Part 2 about University Life. In this episode Harp talks about living off campus, what she liked and what she didn’t like. Harp liked her mom’s homecooking but she didn’t take naps like Maura did. To find out more about more »

Curious Question #12 – As Well

This question is about “as well”. Is it exactly the same as “too”? Can it also be used in another way? Check out this episode to find out! Listen to fun English podcasts with natural expressions and everyday vocabulary for language learners. Every Culips episode has interesting elements of culture as well as language.

Catch Word #13 – Whistleblower

You can blow a whistle and be a whistleblower, but we also used the expression “whistleblower” for a person who tells the authorities when a company is doing something illegal. This episode also includes explanations of a “tattletale” and “telling on” someone.    Expressions included in the learning materials To whistle A whistle A whistleblower more »

Curious Question #11 – Are we on for tonight?

Are we on for tonight? Here we have a question about a casual expression for confirming plans. To find out exactly what it means, you’ll have to listen to this episode!   Sample transcript: Harp: Hello everyone, this is Harp… Robin: And Robin… Harp: With the Curious Questions podcast at, that’s Robin: OK, more »

Catch Word #12 – Grumpy

In this episode we talk about being grumpy and other words with the same meaning. We are not usually grumpy people, so we act out some examples for you. Here is one below:   Expressions included in the learning materials Grumpy Meh Whoa Synonyms for “Grumpy” Oscar the Grouch Getting up / waking up on more »

Chatterbox #1 – On Campus

This is the first of a new Culips podcast. Here we chat! This episode Harp and Maura chat about Living in residence in University. Let us know what you think!


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