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Catch Word #31 – To Pull Strings

Sometimes it is not easy to get what we want. What we want could be a job or tickets to a really popular show. In these cases, sometimes we can pull strings to get what we want. When people pull some strings, they use power to get what they want. Is it fair to pull […]

Sunday Afternoon in Mount Royal Park

Last weekend I had a great adventure and learned more about Montreal culture at the same time! On Sunday afternoon my boyfriend and I took the metro (that’s what we call the subway here in Montreal) over to the stop closest to Mount Royal Park, then walked up the busy street for a few minutes […]

Chatterbox #13 – Harp’s Trip to India

Harp recently went on a trip to India with her family. Have you ever been to India? Harp tells us about the weather and the food. She also tells us about shopping in India, because this was a shopping trip with Harp’s two sisters and mom!   Expressions included in the learning materials Out of […]

Catch Word #30 – When Pigs Fly

The expression when pigs fly is used when people talk about something they would never do, or some event that would never happen. It is a very old expression, and no one knows why we talk about pigs! We can also use the similar expression, when hell freezes over. Check out the examples in this […]

Catch Word #29 – Hold a Grudge

Are you holding a grudge against someone? Have you been mad at someone for a week? A year? 10 years? We hope not! To hold a grudge is not a good thing and means that you are mad for a long time. It is much nicer to be happy! Listen to this fun episode to […]

Catch Word #28 – Terms of endearment

Oh Sweetheart! Sweetheart is one of the most popular terms people use to show someone they care about them. Every language has special names to use when speaking to the one you love. In English we have tons of names like this. This episode Maura and Robin explain some of these dear names, and when […]


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