Chatterbox Episodes
English conversions at a normal speed. We interview someone who has an interesting story to tell.
Catch Word Episodes
English idioms, phrases, common slang and interesting vocabulary
Simplified Speech Episodes
Our hosts have natural conversations in everyday English, while speaking slowly and clearly.
Real Talk Episodes
Practical English expressions for everyday situations that you encounter in an English speaking country.


Chatterbox #1 – On Campus

This is the first of a new Culips podcast. Here we chat! This episode Harp and Maura chat about Living in residence in University. Let us know what you think!

Catch Word #11 – Watch

In this episode Robin and Maura look at the word watch. Watch can be a verb or a noun and is used in quite a few expressions. First we discuss how watch and look are different. Then we tell you how to watch out!   Expressions included in the learning materials To watch / to more »

Close Up #7 – Favour

Can you do me a favour? Rich has had an accident and needs some help from a friend. In this episode, he calls Chris and asks him for a favour. (In Canada favour is spelled with a u. For other spelling differences, check out our glossary.) Rich and Chris use expressions like on my way more »

Curious Question #10 – “Let’s” and “Why don’t”

Let’s listen to this Culips episode! This time we talk about the expressions beginning with “Let’s…” and “Why don’t we…”, give your examples and explain the differences between them. Why don’t you stop reading and listen to it now!

Catch Word #10 – Stone

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Do you know this expression? It’s a good one for kids to know. Check it out and other definitions like the one below in this episode!   Expressions included in the learning materials Leave no stone unturned Nancy Drew Sticks and stones more »

Curious Question #9 – Sweet

Sweet! Have you all heard of this new slang term “sweet”? What does it mean? When can you use it? Find out in this podcast. We will give you a couple examples.   Expressions included in the learning materials Sweets A sweet tooth Sweet pea/Sweetheart Short and sweet More “sweet” slang Sample transcript Harp: “Sweet” is more »


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