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English conversions at a normal speed. We interview someone who has an interesting story to tell.
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English idioms, phrases, common slang and interesting vocabulary
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Close Up #5 – Blind Date Part 2

Jen gets mixed up and Rick is a couch potato! Do you already know these funny expressions? After finding out about Jen’s date in part 1 of Catching Up, she asks Rick about his night. Find out what is new with him.   Expressions included in the learning materials Get lucky I suppose To mix more »

Catch Word #6 – Look

You don’t need to look up these definitions in the dictionary. Just listen to this episode where we look at some of the possibilities with the verb look! To look like, look down, look up and look forward to are the expressions that we examine in this episode.   Expressions included in the learning materials more »

Curious Question #6 – Want vs. Won’t

The question this time is a pronunciation question. How can we hear the difference between “want” and “won’t”. It is true that they are very similar, but there are some differences and here we explain them for you.   Here are some photos that help distinguish between the pronunciation of won’t and want. Won’t Want. more »

Catch Word #5 – Make

We made up this episode for you! Make has many different two-word verbs and in this episode we explain some of them. We hope all our listeners can make a difference and make the best of a situation, or at least make do. We hope all these expressions make sense and if not, listen to more »

Curious Question #5 – Pronunciation: Can vs. Can’t

Today we’re going to look at a question about pronunciation. Let’s listen to David from Greece. “I am having a difficult time telling the difference between can’t and can. Their meanings are totally opposite of each other. Help me better understand the pronunciation. Please give tips and examples of sentences using can’t and can.”   more »

Catch Word #4 “Put”

Where did you put your bag? Did you put it up or down? Or did you put it away? Here we are looking at the different meanings with the word put. Have you ever had to put up with a very boring English lesson? We hope not!


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