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English idioms, phrases, common slang and interesting vocabulary
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Catch Word #28 – Terms of endearment

Oh Sweetheart! Sweetheart is one of the most popular terms people use to show someone they care about them. Every language has special names to use when speaking to the one you love. In English we have tons of names like this. This episode Maura and Robin explain some of these dear names, and when […]

Catch Word #27 – Cut to the Chase

When someone is telling you a story with a lot of little details and you want them to get to the main point, you can say cut to the chase. This expression is used with friends when you want them to cut to the most interesting part of the story. You are too excited to […]

Catch Word #26 – Get Down

Get down is very important for you to know if you like to party! If you like to go out to the club and dance you will hear this expression! Or if you like to listen to dance music, it is fun to know all the slang for dancing. 

India – Shopping Vacation!

Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I blogged and I’m sorry but I have a good excuse, I went to India for 2½ weeks. As most of you know my family is originally from India (I was born in Canada ) and a couple of months ago I started planning a trip […]

Catch Word #25 – To get ahead of yourself

If you try to use an expression before you know the definition then you are getting ahead of yourself! That is why it is always good to listen to our podcasts 😉 We look at this expression and other similar ones about looking too far into the future. The other expressions include to jump the […]

Chatterbox #12 – Jewelry Designer Sheena Purcell

We’d like to introduce Sheena Purcell to you. She is a new friend of ours at Culips and she is super talented. In this Chatterbox episode, Sheena tells us a little bit about her experience as a jewelry designer and how she decided to start making jewelry. We also find out what inspires her beautiful […]


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