Chatterbox Episodes
English conversions at a normal speed. We interview someone who has an interesting story to tell.
Catch Word Episodes
English idioms, phrases, common slang and interesting vocabulary
Simplified Speech Episodes
Our hosts have natural conversations in everyday English, while speaking slowly and clearly.
Real Talk Episodes
Practical English expressions for everyday situations that you encounter in an English speaking country.


Catch Word #4 “Put”

Where did you put your bag? Did you put it up or down? Or did you put it away? Here we are looking at the different meanings with the word put. Have you ever had to put up with a very boring English lesson? We hope not!

Close Up #4 – Blind Date part 1

Jen just went on a blind date and Rick tries to find out all the details. A blind date means that Jen and Rick did not know each other before. Learn how to talk about love in this episode. Were there sparks? Was there chemistry? This episode also features the expression to beat around the more »

Close Up #3 – Catching Up: Part 2

Tara and Fred haven’t seen each other in awhile. In this episode they continue their meeting in a cafe and catch up. And someone walks in on their boss in the washroom! Oh no, how embarrassing!

Close Up #2 – Catching up: Part 1

Have you caught up with a good friend lately? Tara and Fred have just met in a cafe and are telling each other what’s new. Here, learn how to catch up in English with ease, and also hear some new expressions explained for you including over here, guess what and to tough it out.

Catch Word #3 – Break

There are also many verbs containing the work break. At Culips we always try to break expressions down for you; To break something down means to break it into smaller parts and explain it. Other break verbs in this episode for you include break out, break up and breakfast!   Expressions included in the learning more »


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