Simplified Speech #024 – Roommates

Apartment hunting can be an extremely stressful activity. Never fear, Andrew and Suzanne are here to help! In this Real Talk episode, they explain the words and expressions that you need to successfully find an apartment in an English-speaking country.

Catch Word #148 – It’s as clean as a whistle

It’s great when you have a nice, clean space, and you may want to talk about it. This episode is all about expressions for saying that something is really clean. Harp and Maura also talk about whether their bedrooms were spick and span as teenagers, and Maura asks Harp whether her desk at work is more »

Catch Word #147 – She just swept it under the rug

Have you ever done something that you wanted to forget about, and hoped that everyone else would forget about it too? If so, then you wanted to sweep it under the rug. This week’s episode is about wanting to pretend that something didn’t happen. Sometimes people act this way when they’re embarrassed.

Catch Word #59 – to bump into someone

Is bumping into someone good or bad? Both! If you bump into someone it might hurt OR it might be a happy reunion between two old friends. In this episode we look at the expression to bump into someone and to run into someone.

Curious Question #20 – Silent p

Sometimes English pronunciation is very difficult. Sometimes we spell words quite differently from how they sound. This happens often because the word originally comes from another language. This is the case with the silent P that comes at the beginning of some words. (As we don’t hear the P when we speak, this could be more »

Curious Question #6 – Want vs. Won’t

The question this time is a pronunciation question. How can we hear the difference between “want” and “won’t”. It is true that they are very similar, but there are some differences and here we explain them for you.   Here are some photos that help distinguish between the pronunciation of won’t and want. Won’t Want. more »

Curious Question #5 – Pronunciation: Can vs. Can’t

Today we’re going to look at a question about pronunciation. Let’s listen to David from Greece. “I am having a difficult time telling the difference between can’t and can. Their meanings are totally opposite of each other. Help me better understand the pronunciation. Please give tips and examples of sentences using can’t and can.”   more »