Catch Word #148 – It’s as clean as a whistle

It’s great when you have a nice, clean space, and you may want to talk about it. This episode is all about expressions for saying that something is really clean. Harp and Maura also talk about whether their bedrooms were spick and span as teenagers, and Maura asks Harp whether her desk at work is […]

Catch Word #147 – She just swept it under the rug

Have you ever done something that you wanted to forget about, and hoped that everyone else would forget about it too? If so, then you wanted to sweep it under the rug. This week’s episode is about wanting to pretend that something didn’t happen. Sometimes people act this way when they’re embarrassed.

Chatterbox #114 – Cell phones

Ring, ring … Hello? A lot has changed about cell phones since they became popular. There are tons of features and functions, and more and more people have smart phones. In this episode, Harp and Andrew talk about cell phone etiquette. What is acceptable behaviour for cell phone use? Do you think cell phones have […]

Chatterbox #83 – We’re cooking up a storm

Everybody eats! That’s probably why we have so many expressions related to cooking and food. This episode is about filling our bellies with square meals and going back for seconds. Harp and Maura love to eat, but before you can eat, someone has to prepare the food! In this episode, the hosts share their own […]

Catch Word #13 – Whistleblower

You can blow a whistle and be a whistleblower, but we also used the expression “whistleblower” for a person who tells the authorities when a company is doing something illegal. This episode also includes explanations of a “tattletale” and “telling on” someone.    Expressions included in the learning materials To whistle A whistle A whistleblower […]

Catch Word #12 – Grumpy

In this episode we talk about being grumpy and other words with the same meaning. We are not usually grumpy people, so we act out some examples for you. Here is one below:   Expressions included in the learning materials Grumpy Meh Whoa Synonyms for “Grumpy” Oscar the Grouch Getting up / waking up on […]

Catch Word #9 – Wave

Hey! Over here! We’re over here! We are waving at you so you look over here! This week’s word is wave and all of its different meanings. Listen in and see if you are on the same wavelength as us.   Expressions included in the learning materials A wave (with the hand) A wave in […]