I just would like to say thank you guys. Your podcast is amazing. I’m a member and I’ve learned a lot!!! My speaking is improving and I can talk to my boss in English.. I’ve a lot of friends in the USA. I wanna travel to Canada and to live there. I just wanna say thanks a milion! You’re amazing! You’re awesome!

Junior Carvalho

“Hi Culips team! I’ve listened to many English podcasts, and I like yours the best! I need to use English for my job and Culips helps me speak using natural English.”

Miae Kim
Seoul, South Korea

” I listen to Culips every day when I ride the bus. It is a very fun and educational podcast. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for helping me be a better English speaker.”

Yuri Kim
Seoul, South Korea

“Thank you for your awesome job in the podcast, very well done. Your podcast are very useful study resources.”

Edson Soares
Sorocaba, , Brazil

“By listening to Culips, you’ll learn everyday English in a friendly, systematic way so that It will be somehow impossible to forget what you’ve learned in their podcast. And after listening to them for a while, they’ll become your best friends.”

Mahdi Mortezapour

“I listen to this podcast, every time I have a free time! A nice tone of voice at a perfect speed. And it discussed interesting topics, and really helpful for English learners.”

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“I give to Culips all the starts of the Universe. I love Culips and I love you guys.”

Armando S
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“Awesome! This is the best podcast of ESL ever!”

Aloha 69
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“Although I’m not an English learner, I love listening to their show because they talk about everyday topics in the form of natural speech. A lot of what they talk about is relevant, engaging, and useful. Their website also includes some additional help on each episode. I’ve always talked about listening to natural speech in order to improve English and this is a great podcast whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner. I absolutely recommend this!”

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“I have listened all shows, the best and useful I have seen, thank you so much.”

Sil NavesT
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“I have listening culips for about two years. The transcript and detailed explanations provided every air are very useful for your ESL study and to know about Canadian English speaking culture. I would take my hat to culips.”

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“This is a cool podcast to learn English It’s nice to hear two female teachers talking and talking about English. Their conversation is at a good pace, not too fast but not too slow, so I think this podcast is good for all kinds of English learners. I’m glad I found it.”

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