Great Podcast. This podcast is really helpful to me because of three things: I can learn a lot on how to use English in different situations through your great expressions and interviews. Another things is that one of the hosts is Indian but her accent is awesome, it inspires me a lot ( hope one day I can speak like that). Finally, I can also have an opportunity to learn about people and the country Canada through their stories as Canada is one of my must- visit countries in the world. I’m working like a dog with my study revision and hope that I can successfully get my exam off the ground next week (hii…..), like those


Awesome! podcast is one of my favorites. I wish I had access to this podcast when I was learning English in Uzbekistan. The podcast anchors bring up good topics, break them down into pieces (culture, vocabulary, grammar,) and literally ‘munch’ everything for learners. As a learner/listener, you just have to ‘swallow’ what they’ve taught. Moreover, the anchors are dynamic, vivacious and interactive. The most importantly, the quality of the podcasts is so good and the digital transcripts of the audio materials are for FREE. I love CULIPS.


EXCELLENT. I give to Culips all the stars of the Universe, I love Culips and I love you guys. Thank you with Love and Gratitude for so EXCELLENT work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armando S.

Wow, I’m impressed by the different number of topics and types of shows that Culips ESL Podcast has. It’s always something new and interesting. Keep up the great shows!


Awesome. This podcast is one of my favorites. I wish I had access to this podcast when I was learning English in Uzbekistan. The podcast anchors bring up good topics, break them down into pieces (culture, vocabulary, grammar,) and literally ‘munch’ everything for learners. As a learner/listener, you just have to ‘swallow’ what they’ve taught. Moreoever, the anchors are dynamic, vivacious and interactive. The most importantly, the quality of the podcasts is so good and the digital transcripts of the audio materials are for FREE. I love CULIPS.


Although I’m not an English learner, I love listening to their show because they talk about everyday topics in the form of natural speech. A lot of what they talk about is relevant, engaging, and useful. Their website also includes some additional help on each episode. I’ve always talked about listening to natural speech in order to improve English and this is a great podcast whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner. I absolutely recommend this!


Excellent Podcasts! Culips podcasts contain great authentic interaction, interesting speakers, great dialog, and are very well created to encourage English language learning. As an TESOL professor, I would definitely recommend Culips to any of my students!

Professor Sadler

What I like about this podcast is that the teachers talk about a variety of topics (not just English learning). So, listening to this podcast is a good way for beginners to learn new vocabulary. They tend to speak much slower than usual). So, I recommend listening to this one only if you’re a complete beginner.

Hector Ji (quora)

Whether you can barely say “hello” in English or can talk fluently in the language for several minutes, there are some real gems for you here – a podcast series for all levels of English language learner... These are intelligent, practical and well put together podcasts.  They are all conducted in English and most of time this is spoken at slightly less than normal speed.


Highly recommend. I’ve listening to this program more than 1 year. It helps me a lot to learn new vocabularies and new idioms. I also would say that listening to this podcast is very fun! If you start to listen to it, you can learn more and more English with joy.


It’s an awesome way to get fluency! I love to hear the podcast about the experiences of the peo who talk and tje common english expressions.

Juan Barrena

Wonderful Lesson! I just tried listening one episode, and found it is great, actually second to none. It offers all kinds of useful words or phrases that we may use in everyday life. I used to listen “Fun English Lesson”, but since that show is not free any more, I’d say CULips is the best choice for ESL learner like me.

Wayne Lv

it’s great, useful words and everything…!!! the thing that i like the most though is that you can have fun and learn english 😉 if you’r trying to learn English> It’s one of the best choices, actually i found their site helpful too…;)


The Greatest Podcasts!!! I’ve found out that learning language can be very pleasant and fun!!! Thank to Culips team! I strongly recommend it.

Robbie alton

Thank all of teachers and creators at Culips for providing these wonderful resources to learn conversational English. The most touching me is that they have experienced to learn foreign languages and they know what language learners feel. That’s why I recommend that Culips podcast is helpful and enjoyable.

Michiko Konishi

Excellent. I really like it: useful and easy to understand.


Great podcast. This podcast is really awesome. It covers so many good helps the learners alot to get familiar with English language . Nice work

Mahdi Mahallati

Thank you. I love this podcast


I just would like to say thank you guys. Your podcast is amazing. I’m a member and I’ve learned a lot!!! My speaking is improving and I can talk to my boss in English.. I’ve a lot of friends in the USA. I wanna travel to Canada and to live there. I just wanna say thanks a milion! You’re amazing! You’re awesome!

Junior Carvalho

Thanks to Culips, I learn a lot form it! When I went to American to learn English, my teacher recommend I can listen to Culips for more idioms or common use and get to know more about English . Culips is interesting, easy to understand and really useful in daily life!!! You MUST to have it in ur iPod iPad iPhone ….!!!!!


Great ESL material!. Listening to Culips is a great way to learn both listening and speaking!


I enjoy listening to your podcasts everyday. Great topics and great hosts. Keep up the good work!


I love this english podcast. I’m from South Korea who have been struggling to improve my English. And I’m very glad to find this podcast. The best thing about Culips si that the hosts are speaking a bit slowly and more clearly so that I have no problem understanding them at all. And of course, the transcripts helps me a lot too. I always look forward to the next episode.


This is the great way to learn English with Culips. I’m so grateful to stay connected with you. Special thanks to all respective teachers. I’m a regular listener of your podcast. Sir Andrew, I love your speeches very much.

Dinaj Ahamed

Now I find what I was looking for! I’m Korean and living in abroad which is not english spoken country. So I really need a English podcast good to listen and suitable for my level and not that difficult. And I think it’s one of the best choice. I really appreciate you!


Best ESL podcast! This podcast can help you improve your english, recommend to everyone who need to learn english as your second language


This is such a good podcast to learn English. I have been learning English by listening to the episodes repeatedly. I am impressed by the various topics discussed on this podcast. Thank you very much Culips team.

Angel Jess Philip Manpadlekar

Culips is very useful and has a lot of awesome material in the study guide. Thank you, Culips.

YenLi Su

I am french canadian, and I don’t speek english fluently. I like listen Culips, I learn english in my owner country. I love Andrew and Morag, the way they have to speak softly. Thanks !!

Martine Lge

I think that i never more gonna expense my money with english courses, after i met the podcast Culips! Or no.

João Fernando B. Rosa

I just love Harp and Morra the way they talk love your voice and you expressions you bOth are so sweet keep uploading your clips love culips.

KhaLid Aly

Since I knew Culip my english skills are improving every day. This podcast is awesome!

Hernani Neto

It is very useful n i love to hear everyday ,the way they talk is just awesome!! Thank you for the beautiful podcasts.

Suraj Thulung

This is a cool podcast to learn English.Their conversation is at a good pace, not too fast but not too slow, so I think this podcast is good for all kinds of English learners. I’m glad I found it.


Thanks for these great podcasts! I have no doubt it will make me reach a higher level very soon. Well done guys! Best,

Daniel Araujo

since I met this site I’ve listening almost every day and for me is one of the best I’ve visited, either by presenting a good speed in talking or bring interesting subjects …thanks guys for all you’ve done and I hope you can continue with this work !!!

Samuel M. Gomes

I listen to this podcast, every time I have a free time! A nice tone of voice at a perfect speed. And it discussed interesting topics, and really helpful for English learners.


I’m listening the podcasts as a member and it’s excellent! I’m studing with Culips in order to practice my English to get good grades in TOEFL test. Thanks or the great job!

Cristiane Gouget

Culips has being my favourite source of how to learn the real “daily English”!
I’m not a native English speaker but since I found Culips, I have learned so much! Thank you so much for giving us a high-level material study!

Zé Jlopes

I love Culips. I listen to the Culips podcasts, when I have a free time. Culips helped me to learn new expressions and interesting facts about Canada.

Janna Alecsandra

This podcast is awesome! I learnt some new words, his program is very entertained, you will learn about culture, food from different countries, idioms and more. He shows you real conversations and after that he explains the meaning of some words and phrasal verbs.

Rodrigo Charnichart

Awesome! This is the best podcast of ESL ever!

Aloha 69

I listen to Culips every day when I ride the bus. It is a very fun and educational podcast. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for helping me be a better English speaker.

Yuri Kim

Hi Culips team! I’ve listened to many English podcasts, and I like yours the best! I need to use English for my job and Culips helps me speak using natural English.

Miae Kim

I simply love Culips podcast! It has been helping me improve my english substantially.

Philipe Vieira

this is very useful ! i listen this prodcast on regular basis n i am improving my listening n speaking skills day by day .. its an awesome platform to improve ur communication skills.

Aimen Rehmat

Culips is honestly the best English learning way ever! We are Japanese family living in New Zealand and listening episodes during our breakfast time is our routine everyday. Our Mr 6 years old likes listening it together and we always discuss about your stories thanks guys for your hard work!

Aki Ikeda

I have listened all shows, the best and useful I have seen, thank you so much.

Sil NavesT

Here from Syria would LOVE to send my warmest hellos to a Great podcast team that – in just a month- I became feverish about.Great podcast and a splinded job HIGHLY recommended.

Moudar Ammar

I give to Culips all the starts of the Universe. I love Culips and I love you guys.

Armando S

By listening to Culips, you’ll learn everyday English in a friendly, systematic way so that It will be somehow impossible to forget what you’ve learned in their podcast. And after listening to them for a while, they’ll become your best friends.

Mahdi Mortezapour

Thank you for your awesome job in the podcast, very well done. Your podcast are very useful study resources.

Edson Soares

I have listening culips for about two years. The transcript and detailed explanations provided every air are very useful for your ESL study and to know about Canadian English speaking culture. I would take my hat to culips.

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