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"By listening to Culips, you’ll learn everyday English in a friendly, systematic way so that It will be somehow impossible to forget what you’ve learned in their podcast. And after listening to them for a while, they’ll become your best friends."

- Mahdi Mortezapour

"Your podcast is amazing. I’m a member and I’ve learned a lot!!! My speaking is improving and I can talk to my boss in English. I just wanna say thanks a milion! You’re amazing! "

– Junior Carvalho                                                                                                                                     

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-How do I log in to access the learning materials?

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We accept payment by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) or PayPal. If you choose PayPal as your payment option but you do not already have a PayPal account, you will need to create one. PayPal is a safe and secure online payment system, and it’s free to create an account.

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Yes. Your monthly membership is a monthly subscription. You can cancel at anytime.  If you no longer want your monthly membership, please cancel it by following the steps below.. 

-How do I cancel my monthly membership?

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Before your membership expires, we’ll send you an email with the date your membership will expire, as well as instructions on how to renew it. Most of our members renew their memberships as they find that our learning materials help them improve their English fast. If you don't do anything, your 6 month or 1 year membership will expire automatically. 

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No, you can't. Please do not share your membership with anyone else. Culips is a small company that is primarily run by volunteers, and we depend on membership fees to be able to keep producing high-quality podcasts and learning materials. If you know someone who would enjoy Culips, please ask them to sign up for their own account.

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